Are you a plant lover and Shifting into your own house? Or you want to set up your own balcony Garden? We have come up with answers of all the common questions you may have regarding your balcony garden.

My apartment has many balconies. How do I choose which one is best for planting?

This is the most common question for people who wish to grow balcony gardens. The answer is simple. You should have plants in all your balconies. The key is to choose plants carefully based on the share of sunlight your balcony gets. All the plants have varied sunlight requirements, while you are buying plants be sure to re-confirm it with the nursery based on your needs. Sunlight is essential for all plants, some need it less and some need it more.

How many and what size of plants I should keep in my balcony?

Now, that would essentially depend upon the size of your balcony. It is always better not to clutter your balcony with so many plants. Keep some space for movement as you have to care your plants. Also, plants ideally should not bump into each other as your eyes won’t be able to catch the beauty of the plant. Keep adequate space among two plants. Keeping small size, dwarf variety of plants in balconies is always advisable as they boom with small size and also do not block view of your balcony too.

How do I arrange plants in my balcony?

The arrangement depends upon the size and number of plants you have. You can be as creative as possible in making arrangements. The piece of advice here would be to leave the ground clear as much as possible and take help of a local fabricator to keep your pots/containers above the ground. It does two things, you can clean the balcony without having to move the plants, it also gives you sense of space. You can also use pots which can be hung on your balcony grills or the fixtures which can be put on your walls too. Wall mounted Vertical gardens can also help you.

How often should I water the plants?

A very common question. The answer would be to know the plant and its watering requirements. All the plants do not have same watering requirements.  For example, you may not be required to water your cactus plants often but you might have to water your seasonal flowering plants. It is advisable to check with the nursery while buying the plants about the watering needs. You can also visit our website for knowing watering requirements of various plants.

How do I know that which fertilizers I have to use for my plants?

Plants are generally fertilized for foliage, stimulating root systems or bloom. You will have to choose your fertilizer based on the season, your reason of fertilizing (whether for flowering or foliage). Nitrogen based fertilizers promote healthy foliage. Phosphorus or Phosphate based fertilizers Stimulate root systems. Potassium or Potash (K) based fertilizers Aid in flower (and fruit) formation. As much as possible, use organic fertilizers. Do not fertilize with dry soil. Check with your local nursery or call us.

Why are plants dying? And how do I stop that?

Every dying plant says something. There could be various reasons- less care or over watering, pests or fungal infection, unsuitable climate or unsuitable location or any other reason. Inspect every aspect carefully, take experts’ help if you are not able to identify yourself.

Though we have tried picking up all common questions, there might be some specific ones which you may have. You can reach out to us by visiting our website or contact us via email and write to us on Happy Planting.