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Calathea Oranata Pinstripe

Very Popular Indoor plant with attractive leaves
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6 inches pot
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Beautiful plant with bold attractive striped leaves. This is a popular plant with attractive leaves and colors but the plant does not flower very often indoors. However, it is a gorgeous species with dark green and glossy looking leaves (green with pink stripes).

Ensuring that the air is not too dry will allow the leaves to thrive, therefore using humidifiers or pebble trays can help to maintain levels of humidity. Misting the leaves daily during summer is also advised.

  • Family: Marantaceae
  • Whether Indoor/outdoor/seasonal/Perennial:
  • How it will come(whether in pot or poly pack): 6 inches pot
  • Colour of flowers:
  • Bloom Time: Hardly Blooms
  • Pot Height: 6 inches
  • Growing Challenge: Easy to grow
  • Sunlight requirement: This plant does extremely well in bright conditions without the need for direct sunlight.
  • Soil condition: A peat based potting mix will be required. 2 parts peat and 1 part perlite is one mixture that will be fine
  • Watering requirement: During the winter months it is important to keep the plant watered but do allow the top soil to dry out in between waterings. Water when the soil begins to dry or keep the top soil moist in warmer months.
  • Temperature: upto 23 degrees C
  • Care: Repott once every two years.

Takr care of the lighting requirements
Fertilize during the growing season
Plant should be misted frequetly

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