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Asparagus Meyeri

Foxtail asparagus ferns are unusual and attractive evergreen flowering plants and have many uses in the landscape and beyond. Asparagus densiflorus ‘Myers’ is related to the asparagus fern ‘Sprengeri’
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4 inches
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"Foxtail ferns are not really ferns, as they’re multiplied from seeds and produce no spores. The common name likely came from the clumping habit of the plant that is similar to that of a fern. Foxtail asparagus ferns have an unusual, symmetrical look. These fern-like plants have arching plumes of tightly packed, needle-like leaves that look soft and delicate. Foxtail fern plants bloom with white flowers and produce red berries. The plants appear fragile and may cause gardeners to shy away from them, expecting difficult and extensive care of foxtail fern. In reality, foxtail ferns are tough and hardy specimens, flourishing with limited care. Foxtail fern plants are drought resistant once established. "

Foxtail fern plants benefit from regular water during drought and seasonal fertilization. These plants demonstrate their need for fertilization when the needle-like leaves turn pale or yellow. Feed this plant in spring with a time released food or monthly during the growing season with a balanced 10-10-10 plant food at half strength. Keep the soil lightly moist.

  • Family: Asparagaceae
  • Whether Indoor/outdoor/seasonal/Perennial:
  • How it will come(whether in pot or poly pack): 4 inches
  • Colour of flowers: White
  • Bloom Time: Seasonal
  • Pot Height: 4 inches
  • Growing Challenge: Easy to grow
  • Sunlight requirement: Light shade
  • Soil condition: Well drained soil
  • Watering requirement: Moderate
  • Temperature: Up to 30 Degree C
  • Care: "Asparagus should be given regular water. Fertilizer needs to applied at the time fo growth. "

Prune back yellowing stems on the plant as needed for a tidy appearance and to encourage new growth.
The ripe red berries on foxtail ferns after flowering contain seeds to propagate for more of the lovely plants. 
You can also divide foxtail fern plants in spring, making sure the tuberous root system is entirely covered with a well draining soil. Tubers may grow through the top of the soil on plants that are overcrowded in the pot.

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