We all know the importance of plants in our environment and our life. Plants are one of the most beautiful parts of the earth that not only help keep the environment clean but also help to enhance the beauty of the surroundings. There are over million species of plants all over the world and all of these vary from each other in significant ways. The trend of growing plants in our homes is not something new and has prevailed over a very long time. Earlier people would travel to far off places to find the plants of their choice. Later on, with the development of plant nurseries, it became possible to find a large variety of plants to choose from, under a single roof. However, with the latest technological advancements which have led to the growth of e-commerce sector in India, the best plants nursery in Gurgaon has started a platform from where you can buy flowering plants online in delhi.

Paudhewala is one of the best flowering plant nurseries in Delhi NCR from where you can buy plants online with free delivery. This has made it possible for people with a busy schedule, who are not able to take out time to go to plant nurseries personally and buy the plants of their choice, to choose from a wide range of plants just by the click of their finger. Growing outdoor and indoor plants is highly recommended by leading interior decorators and designers for enhancing the beauty of our homes. Even doctors recommend growing plants in your home to purify the surrounding environment which in turn helps to keep you healthy. Certain plants also have therapeutic properties which help to release stress and strain and the fragrance released by these plants help you to avoid the unnecessary expenses of buying artificial room fresheners.

The concept of terrace garden has become very popular nowadays and is the dream of every plant flower. Terrace Gardens help to enhance the overall look of your home and also help to grab the attention of every passerby. Imagine yourself, sitting on your terrace, on a cool summer evening, surrounded by a variety of beautiful plants and their fragrance. Doesn't it seem like the best way to spend your evenings? Of course, maintaining a terrace garden is not an easy task but it is not that difficult as well. A large variety of terrace plants are easily available in the leading flowering plant nursery in Delhi NCR. These plants are also available at their online site and that too at much cheaper rates.

Some of the most common terrace plants include The following:

Marigold- Marigold is the most common type of household plant found in the terrace of almost every plant lover. The flowers are very bright and it has a property of repelling pests. Marigold are usually low maintenance plants and do not require a lot of care making them the best choice.

Begonias- Begonias usually grow in light shade hence these should not be kept in direct sunlight. They Bloom constantly in summers thereby adding colour to your terrace garden.

Chrysanthemum- Commonly known as mums, these are the most common variety of flowering plants after roses. The plants have many varieties and are found in almost all the places of the world.

Pansy- Pansy is also a very common household plant that has a very beautiful and vibrant fragrance. The flowers are also very attractive and this can be grown and parts as well as window boxes.

Fuchsia- if you are looking for hanging plants for your terrace garden, Fuchsia is the best option as the plant can be easily grown in hanging baskets. The plants are shade loving and hence should be kept away from direct sunlight.

Ivy Geranium- Just like Pansies, these can also be grown in window boxes. The flowers are double-petaled and are suitable for both tropical as well as temperate climate.

The list does not end here and there is still a wide range of plants apart from these that can help to beautify here terrace garden. Log into our website and enter the beautiful world of flora.