The Asian culture is enriched with so fascinating stories and facts about everything that at the end of the day, it leaves us mesmerized. One such interesting story is the history of lucky plants. Through the path of Asian culture, the benefits of luck plants is laced with such a sense of belief plus, relief that it pushes us to bring some lucky plants in our home which not only provides the greenery and relief which we were looking from the polluted outdoors but it also adds mirth of prosperity and luck to our homes and when the culture itself has a fascinating history then why not bring it into our present.

Lucky plants have a great share in the part of Asian culture which deals with plants and flowers. The Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui throw light on how lucky plants can bring prosperity to our home. In the Chinese culture, lucky bamboo is considered to be a great factor for bringing prosperity and it has an amazing description of how the specific number of stalks, three stalks bring happiness, longevity and wealth. For wealth, five stalks should be placed. Six stalks are planted for luck and seven stalks bring good health. Eight stalks mean growth and 10 complete the circle.

All this goodwill from lucky plants and now you must be worrying that where can I get lucky plants from? What possible options do I have? Is lucky bamboo the only lucky plant? All your worries have solutions at platforms from which you can buy lucky plants online in delhi. There are a variety of options to choose your lucky plants other than lucky bamboo from best website to buy plants online which not only delivers in Delhi but also has services for NCR.

To the question of is lucky bamboo the only lucky plant and do I have any other options? No, and yes. Let me break it for you. Even though lucky bamboo has a beautiful history in Chinese culture but not to worry there is a variety of lucky plants which are beautiful and good for the home and their inclusion in your personal space elevates your good luck.

Hawaiian Ti plant has a stalk connection with specific goodwill characters just like the lucky bamboo plant. It has a rich Polynesian history, it is said to have mystical powers to bring good fortune. It is believed that is if a Hawaiian Ti plant is grown with two stalks then it doubles the luck and your chances of finding love also come easy. Hawaiian Ti plant is available in various beautiful colours at the best plant nursery in Faridabad.

One of the best online plant nursery in noida showcased their selection of lucky plants and we were surprised to see that basil was in the category. So, we did a little research to see how this important culinary herb which is enriched with antidepressant, antiseptic, antibiotic, and anti-repellant (to flies) properties and is a must for some Hindu households for their prayers is a lucky plant. Basil is planted to bring love, wealth, luck and beauty. Now isn't that a cherry on the top!

Other common plants which are lucky plants and we had the least idea about are lucky plants are jasmine and roses. Firstly, jasmine bears beautiful smelling flowers which leave a sweet fragrance in the area which it is grown in and as per the belief, it also helps in finding love and enhances the wealth. Coming to roses, it always a beauty to watch. Their potential uses are well known to everyone and for their usage as lucky plants, they bring healing and luck and attract love. So, if you find love, you can gift them your own home planted roses.

If you want to find love in your life or enhance the romance in your relationship then up plant beautiful orchids in your garden and potted orchids should be a part of your bedroom not only because they are a treat to the eyes and potential reason of romance but also scientifically, they release oxygen in the night. You can also grow money plant, shamrock plant, snake plant, jade plant, and rubber plant with their good luck in your balconies, terraces, and gardens.