Plants have their seasonality and temperature tolerance. Seasonal Plants would find it difficult to survive in opposite season than that of their own. Some of the plants will not survive in another season. Some plants will survive however will not bloom. Perennial plants however generally will have better tolerance and would be able to sail through all seasons easily. But sometimes despite of all your care, leaves do not stop turning yellow.

It happens mostly for the below reasons:

Moisture Imbalance

Moisture imbalance happens due to over watering or under watering. Check the soil of the plant regularly. If you notice it to be dry mostly, increase the watering frequency.  Similarly, check if you have been watering it more.


Sudden changes in the temperature conditions might result in yellowing the leaves. Check about the plant and its temperature tolerance levels. You can check it on as well. Adjust the environment for the plant if you can.

Light Conditions

Low light may also be a reason for your plant leaves to turn yellow. Adjust the light, keep the plant in more light and see the difference. Be careful to know the plant first as more light can turn the leaves brown.


Sometimes we are unable to understand plants fertilisation needs and keep giving fertilisers to the plants in order to make them grow fast which will might burn the plant and leaves may start turning yellow. Understand the time and needs of the plants and then only fertilise.

Soil and Pot Size

If the plant gets potted in an unsuitable soil, the leaves may turn yellow. Be careful while potting the plant. We generally think that any kind of soil is fine for the plants, however that is not the case. Understand the plant and its soil requirements and pot it accordingly. Also, if the pot is small, and the plant has overgrown the pot, change it to a bigger pot.

Bacterial Infection

Check your plant for bacterial infection and treat them with pesticides if need be. Check with your local Nursery person or send us your queries at we will be happy to assist you.