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My plant look good and blooming, do I still need to take care of it?

Of course, you can’t wait for your plant to show those dead edges before you take any action. And, by then it will be too late. In a garden, where a plant has set its roots in soil, it takes its nutrients from fallen leaves, trees and decaying plant material. These natural manures are essential for their healthy growth. However, if you have planted a sapling in a pot then you need to take care of the soil often, without waiting for the plant to give you warning signs by giving it additional care and nutrition.

Why do my plants need fertilizers after the first year?

Getting a plant home is just like raising a child. You need to take care of it regularly. New plants are not established for several years and do require supplemental nutrition.

Can I spray on my plant when I see bugs?

Protecting your plant from bugs is important for its health but you need to know about the amount you can use and the right anti-pest spray you need to use on a particular plant. Each season different issues arise and, as a result, some pests require pre-emptive treatment, others immediate treatment, while others should simply be watched to provide the best and most sensible environmentally friendly approach for your plants.