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Aglaonema Green Compact/Chinese Evergreen

Aglaonema is very beautiful and most used indoor plant. Easy to maintain and with beautiful foilage it can give a wonderful touch to your home.
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6 inches pot
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Aglaonema is a genus of of about 20 species of herbaceous perennials from tropical Asia. Genus name comes from the Greek words aglaos meaning bright or clear and nema meaning a thread in reference to the stamens. Pernenial Plant needs almost no care. Its ornamental looks with rich green leaves and silverf patterns on it make it the most beautiful plant for decoration.

Aglaonema should not be kept in direct sunlight. It should be fertilised atleast monthly. Care should be taken in terms of its placement.

  • Family: Araceae
  • Whether Indoor/outdoor/seasonal/Perennial: Perennial
  • How it will come(whether in pot or poly pack): 6 inches pot
  • Colour of flowers: White and greenish white
  • Bloom Time: Seasonal Bloom
  • Pot Height: 6 inches pot
  • Growing Challenge: Easy to grow
  • Sunlight requirement: No direct sunlight
  • Soil condition: Loamy Soil conditions
  • Watering requirement: Moderate water requirements
  • Temperature: Upto 25 degree C
  • Care: Can be given general purpose or organic fertilizers

Water only when the soil dries out.
Keep looking for signs of viruses if any.
Keep wiping the leaves of dust for better looks.

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