We all know about money plant and that it bring money & prosperity to its growers. Have you ever heard of something else which can bring prosperity? As per Feng Shui, there is another plant which can bring money and prosperity in no time…Interested to know? The plant is called Crassula. 

We all know that we have to work hard to earn money but at times we feel that despite of us working hard we are always in financial crisis. Feng Shui says this plant can bring relief to such people. If you keep this plant at home, you can start noticing the effects within a weeks’ time as per Feng Shui. It may be interesting to know that most of the people who believe in Feng Shui would have this plant at their home.

A very easy plant to grow in households. It does not need water daily, just needs to be kept indoors. Most common Crassula plant would be crassula ovata and crassula campfire. The leaves of the plant are a bit thick and not very fragile. Use beautiful ceramic pots to keep the plant in your office or at home.