Rainy season is considered to be the best season for plants. It is said that God showers its blessings through rain for plants during this season. Though this season is sufficient enough to ensure that plants get the best of the nature yet there are a few precautions which are needed to take by you for your plants.

1). Take your indoor plants out in rains: It is required for your indoor plants as well to get rain showers. Excess salts which get accumulated sometimes due to poor quality of water get balanced with rain water. Keep them in the balcony or in your lawns.

2). Excessive watering: One mistake which most of us do is to water the plants excessively during the rainy season. Avoid it to ensure that your plants don’t get fungi which can happen during rainy season.

3). Proper weeding/Hoeing: Proper weeding/hoeing of plants is essential for their growth, it gets more essential during the rainy season as the algae formation may also happen on the out layer of the soil due to rains. Keep hoeing.

4). Excessive Growth Control :Plants may grow excessively during rainy season andget out of shape. It is important that they are trimmed to get the desired shape and size.

5). Keep checking for insects or pests: Common insects or pests may attack your plants during rainy season, keep an eye. If you notice unusual damage of leaves, get alert, use safe insecticides and if need be, take help of specialists.
Happy Planting!!!